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Our Team

We are a dedicated group of professionals on a mission to provide innovative programs that support the academic and personal wellbeing of those affected by sickle cell disease.

James Rawlings R.PH., MPH

President/CEO | Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Connecticut | Michelle's House 

Jim has spent the entirety of his professional career developing and improving systems of care to enhance the quality of life of all citizens of our country. He has passionately worked to address the significant health inequities embedded in the current health care system.

Learn more about Jim,

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Leadership Executive Board

Sharon C. Jones-McCann, DSW, LMSW

Board Chair




President / CEO

James Rawlings, R.PH, MPH


Stephanie Morriar

Outreach Specialist

Delores Edwards

Board of Director

James Barber

Bishop Theodore Brooks
Rosa Browne, MSM, MPH
Dori Dumas
Everol Ennis, APRN
Michael Fletcher
Amarilis Franjul

Jack Keyes, JD

Gary Rhule, MD, MPH, MBA, CPE
Frank Tavarez-Mora
Malcolm Welfare

Medical Advisory Committee

Robert Bona, MD

Susanna Curtis, MD

Ellen Doram, LCSW

Everol Ennis, APRN

William Fodor, PhD

Inginia Genao, MD

Marcella Nunez-Smith, MD, M.H.S.

Genice Nelson, DNP


Help create hope within the Sickle Cell Disease Community.

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