Our Programs


Designed to educate and inspire others

to get involved and drive Sickle Cell disease awareness. 

Created to build awareness amongst the youth and teen groups of Michelle's House and the programs and initiative it supports in the community.

Educational tutorial program to support and address the academic challenged due to Sickle Cell disease.

Awareness of one's Sickle Cell Trait (SCT) status is imperative in mitigating the threat to future generations due to the lack of a sufficient knowledge base. 


We at Michelle's House are tremendously proud of this young man. Frank's personal, professional and academic accomplishments are impressive and demonstrates his strength of character, perseverance and incredible work ethic.

2020 Scholarship Winner

Frank Tavarez-Mora
Michelle's House Client & Medical School Student

Sickle Cell Disease Thriver

Wayne A. I. Frederick
Howard University President


Help create hope within the Sickle Cell Disease Community.

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